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Down Payment – The minimum down payment requirement is 3%. This money can be borrowed, gifted, or even come from a down payment assistance program. You do not have to use your own funds (“cash on hand” or from a bank account that you own), as is often required with other types of mortgages.

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Benefits to Borrower. Bringing money to close, even if it is to pay down your note, creates a lower loan amount and lower monthly payments. If you pay down your mortgage enough, you may even receive a lower interest rate just because your loan amount meets certain requirements in relation to your home’s value.

Coming up with that big down payment. Even if your mortgage lender only requires a down payment of 5 percent, that still comes out to $10,000 for a modestly priced home of $200,000. Many buyers simply don’t have that much cash lying around. If you have a 401(k) plan at work, though, you might have a convenient source for down payment funds.

Compile a list of the financial information your heirs will need upon your death: wills, trust information, investment accounts, legal contacts, etc. You can keep this information in an electronic.

Buying a condo is pretty much like purchasing a regular home, but with one big difference is that mortgages are tougher to come by. and condo values climbing, mortgage lenders allow looser.

Now as you select the latest mortgage, the newest mortgage lender will lead to trying to repay the existing mortgage personal debt to this prior loan provider. When paying back a typical personal loan it is necessary to create the exact same payment per month no matter what your existing volume level.

The answer may be as close at hand as the latest interest rates on mortgages. If current rates are low enough, a zero-down mortgage may be something to consider.

 · Perhaps the most attractive feature of this mortgage is that it completely eliminates the need for a down payment. But if your credit score falls a bit lower on the FICO® spectrum, you may have to pay a down payment of around 10%.