Adding insult to injury, Apple asks Samsung to pay legal fees

 · In a German court, Apple was also trying to sue Samsung for using a similar design and interface as there well known Ipads. In this case apple won and has kept the ban on selling the new Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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 · Samsung is focusing on a much smaller number of devices than they used to. Yes, they have more than Apple, but they also spend way more on advertising to make up for it. Instead of hundreds of phones, they have maybe a dozen now that they actively promote.

2017 Apple breaks their silence on net neutrality,’ remains open to alternative sources of legal authority – August 31, 2017 Trump administration gives thumbs up to overturning FCC’s rules for.

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 · Apple-Samsung trial has clarified that patents are the “lifeblood of business” and putting powerful short-term legal protections under inventions is overwhelmingly more convincing than any mooted alternative. Apple v. Samsung case highlights money to be made from patent litigation.

New Delhi: Projecting the government as ‘anti-farmer’ and ‘pro industrialist’, Congress today declared full scale war against it over Land Acquisition Bill with Rahul Gandhi accusing. Modi.

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 · The worst contraction in the housing sector since the Great Depression, now in its fourth year, shows signs of reaching a bottom. Indicators of both demand and supply have posted modest recoveries from the record lows reached in H1 2009, though they.

 · Add to that your medicare and social security taxes PLUS sales tax, property tax, and all of the other BS taxes that we pay on a regular basis (-20 cell phone taxes per month and about the same or more for cable tv/internet taxes each month just to name a few).

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Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm turnbull yesterday claimed about half the cost of the Government’s flagship national broadband network project could be chopped and comparable broadband speeds.

Marisa – Ha, I feel totally the same way. I need more time for reading!!I can only deal with 1 or 2 massive books a year. I need to space them out (Just my preference) – so Bleak House was my big book for last year.